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The Indian Experience

Brought to you by Sunita Patel



Winner "Best In Cultural Education" 2020/2021 & 2022/2023 - Central England Prestige Awards
Winner - "Best Educational Cultural Workshop Provider" 2023 - SME News - Midlands Enterprise Awards

“We aim to Educate and Inspire”

“Our workshops are fun, invigorating and exciting”

“We bring the topics of India and Hinduism alive”

“We are extremely proud to be able to help with delivering a Multi-Cultural experience in schools”

“A fantastic introduction to any school learning about India, Hinduism, or both!  A creative blend of story, artefacts and interactive dancing gave all the children a huge amount of knowledge on the subject, with the enthusiasm to find out more.  It brought Hinduism alive and will be something that all the children will never forget.”

Mr Jon Brown

Deputy Head, Rauceby Primary School

“The children were mesmerised by the activities today.  All members of staff commented on how successful the day had been.  This was one of the best experiences from visitors that we have had.”

Sally Hillier

Deputy Head, South Hykeham Community Primary School

“It was a most enjoyable day with a good variety of interesting activities for both children and staff!  Every child was fully involved in each activity and great care was taken to ensure that their questions were answered and that their experiences taken into account.  Sunita was very professional and displayed a kind and caring manner towards the children and staff.  We were also really impressed by the great selection of resources Sunita brought and the fact that children were able to handle/wear them. We would highly recommend Sunita’s “Indian Experience Day”

Mrs Jessica Singh & Mrs R Riley

Teachers, Intake Primary School

“A fantastic experience for all year groups – children of all ages and abilities and cultural backgrounds full enjoyed learning about a part of the Hindu culture.  This was all delivered in a lively, interesting manner and we will certainly be recommending you to other schools in the local area.  Thank you!!”

Miss Louise Lingard

Teacher, Holton Le Clay Junior School

“A fantastic experience and resource, really inspired the children to learn more about Hinduism and India.  Sunita had a lovely way with the children, they benefitted greatly from her enthusiasm and perspective on life in England as a Hindu.  Very practical and ‘hands-on’.  Feedback from children across all year groups was excellent!”

Alison Shipston

Teacher, Long Bennington C of E Primary School

“An absolutely inspiring day for all the children, who lost all of their inhibitions, to produce some super Indian dancing.  The huge enthusiasm and energy from Sunita really motivated the children”.

Mr Richard Stock

Headteacher, Marton Primary School

“What an amazing day – Sunita has such a warmth and fabulous rapport with all children (and staff).  Our only regret is that we only gave two days for our Indian Experience – We will know next time!  Thank you so much for two wonderful cultural, creative, inspiring days”.

Teeny Vayro

Deputy Head Teacher, Pinchbeck East C of E Primary School

“Excellent!  The reception class were engaged all afternoon!”

“Captivated Year 5”

 “Story Telling was fantastic, had me mesmerized”

“Excellent!  Great control of the children.  Had an answer for each question asked”

Sharron Sinnot

Comments from various teachers / Head of RE, St Hugh’s Prep School, Woodhall Spa

“What a fantastic day!  Sunita was brilliant and the children enjoyed themselves immensely.  It was fun, engaging and educational.  The children are so enthused about India, thanks in no small part to you!  Thank you from Year 5 at White’s Wood Lane School”.

Mr Stuart Foster

Teacher, White’s Wood Lane Community Junior School

“Fantastic workshop & assembly for all ages.  We will definitely book next time.  Well presented and an excellent experience had by all.”

Amisha Patel

Teacher, Oakham C of E Primary School

“Your resources were beautiful and plentiful.  You engaged the children in your active storytelling.  The children (and adults) loved dressing up to dance.  The children danced so well because you explained so well what to do.  The children took away many things from this experience.  I have already recommended you to other schools!”

Jo Noble

Headteacher, Gainsborough Nursery School

“A fantastic experience!  All the children enjoyed the day and benefitted hugely from the interactive workshops.  It was lovely to hear the children discussing the activities with such enthusiasm!  Please find enclosed pictures drawn by our pupils to commemorate their day at your fantastic workshop!  Suffice to say, the children were mesmerised by the whole experience – Outstanding value for money and highly recommended.  Thank you!”

Donna Iveson

Class 2 Teacher, New York Primary School

We all thoroughly enjoyed the workshop Sunita provided. A real learning experience! The workshops were pitched just right for all and the preparation and presentation was of a very high standard. As one member of staff said, ‘it was a day she would always remember’, it was just brilliant, Thank you.

Mrs Julie Strawson

Scramblesby C of E Primary School

Sunita was excellent! She kept the children engaged all day with her enthusiastic and knowledgeable manner. The children learnt so much about Hindu beliefs as well as India. They loved the art activities and we can’t wait to display them around school!

Hannah Shucksmith

Benjamin Adlard Primary School

Every child that took part in the day was fully engaged in every activity. Sunita was fantastic with children and not only did they learn a lot about Indian culture we were also left with some excellent pieces of rangoli artwork to display. Many Thanks!

Neil Hardy

West Grantham academy St. johns

A truly fantastic experience. The children (and I!) loved it; the dancing and Indian clothes were the highlight of the year so far. Thank you Sunita!

Emma Throne

Kidgate Primary Academy

Amazing and engaging experience. Assembly ensured all children were involved. Activities were fun and informative.

Teacher, North Wheatley Primary School

A wonderful experience! The children loved the whole day and couldn’t wait to tell everyone at home! We will be seeing you again next year hopefully.

Debbie Forster

Alford Primary School

As always the day was exciting and inspirational! The whole school assembly really enhanced the day to help include all pupils and make them aware of Diwali. Thank you.

Hannah Burton

Belmont CP School

It was a fabulous day! The children from reception to year 5 were all engaged and enthused through all sessions. Sunita was informative, interesting, and worked well with all children at all levels – Brilliant day!

Kate Vaux

Morton Trentside Primary

Sunita was AMAZING! She knew how to deliver an exciting workshop to ensure all children were engaged and enthused about their new learning – Thank you very much.

Paula Chattin

Fairfield Primary Academy

The children were all engaged during the workshop and Sunita connected with the children excellently. They thoroughly enjoyed the story telling and dressing up aspect of the morning, and during the dancing all year groups took part.

Vicki Stepherson

Denton C of E Primary School

Sunita covered a whole range of highly engaging topics at the perfect pace. They were both educational and highly entertaining. She was fantastic with the children. Her ability to challenge misconceptions was fantastic!

David Drew

Allington & Sedgebrooke C of E Primary School

This is the 3rd time Sunita has visited our school and we will continue to book her in the future. The whole day was fabulous, as always. The children were engaged and excited by the experience and enjoyed the hands- on activities. The perfect start to our school Diwali celebrations.

Miss Katy Simpson

Waltham Leas Primary School

A magical day for everyone involved! Sunita really brought our Indian topic to life and had all the children taking part during the day. Sunita is an inspirational story teller, involving the children in sounds, speaking and actions throughout. We all learnt so much and absolutely loved our day. Thank you!

Miss Roby and Mrs Beaumont

The Richmond School

It was a fabulous experience for the children. They were able to choose authentic costumes which they really enjoyed. They absolutely adored the dancing. Every child put 100% into every move and were totally engaged, enthusiastic and motivated. A fabulous day! Thank you Sunita.

Anne Newton

Toll Bar Primary School

‘Religious Education (RE) makes a significant contribution to pupils’ academic and personal development. It also plays a key role in promoting social cohesion and the virtues of respect and empathy, which are important in our diverse society. However, the potential of RE was not being realised fully in the majority of the schools surveyed for this report.’

Ofsted Report (Religious education: realising the potential)

“We make sure every year that we book Sunita to come into school.  She provides an enjoyable, stimulating and educational day that the kids love and where they are able to confront their own stereotypes.  Thank you Sunita, your Indian Experience is invaluable to us in educating the children about other cultures as they have very little experience”.

Toby Linnett   St Mary’s C of E Primary School, Melton Mowbray

“What a fantastic day! All pupils said what a great time they’d had. We were amazed at how completely involved even our severe Autistic pupils were. The approach in presentation & resources was spot on & all activities were great. Thank you so much. You’re brill!”

Kate Isaacs.  The Priory Special School, Spalding. - Secondary School - "Moderate Learning Difficulties"

“The children were extremely engaged in all aspects of the workshop, even children who sometimes find it difficult to focus.  Children were buzzing after the dancing and were eager to talk about their experiences to their friends.  It has really been such a beneficial experience for the children in developing their knowledge which has been led by an inspiring practitioner.  Many thanks”.

Claire Gray   Spalding Primary School

“A fantastic, hands on session which brought elements of Indian cultures and traditions to life for the children. A real memory making workshop!” 

Lisa Wright, Year 3/4 Teacher.  Gonerby Hill Foot C of E Primary School, Grantham

“An absolutely fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable experience. The children were blown away by the experiential dancing, colourful resources and delightful story telling, which was such a perfect start to our Hinduism topic! I would whole heartedly recommend “The Indian Experience” to any school. The learning that emerged from it was superb. Thank you once again Mr & Mrs Patel. Kindest regards Jon Brown.” 

Mr Jon Brown, Deputy Head.  Rauceby Primary School